Hop On Hop Off Greece

Tour Code : HHGRC-01

Hop On Hop Off Greece

Greek Island Hopping is Greece's only hop-on hop-off network in the Greek Islands. Especially designed for budget travellers, and those wanting to escape their bustling London-like lifestyle.

There are 2 departures from Athens a week and your pass is valid all season. We arrange accommodation for you along the way and at each place we stay, you have the option of budget to not so budget accommodation. Travelling with us gives you great discounts on accommodation in the islands.

For those of you who just want to travel Greece and not Turkey, our full circuit from Athens to the islands and back to Athens again, is the Greek Island Hopper. On our Greek Island Hopper page, you will see that if you stay with the same tour leader you will spend 2 nights on each island and complete the circuit in 10 days. Of course, you can hop off and stay on an island as long as you want.

If you only have a week's holiday then check out our Cyclade Express, which cuts out our last island, Ios. However, if you have that extra couple of days to lounge and live it up, we recommend you do the full circuit, the Greek Island Hopper.

For our Greek Island Hopper, Cyclade Express and Island Escape, you can start anywhere on the circuit, do a full loop and end up back where you started. For example, you could start in Santorini and finish in Santorini. There are international airports on Santorini, Mykonos, Samos, so start looking for those cheap charter flights.

We also have programs for those of you travelling from Athens to Turkey and for those of you starting in Turkey and then heading from Turkey to Athens and through Europe.

If you are flying in and out of Istanbul but also want to experience the Greek Islands along your way around Turkey, Island Escape allows you to do just that!

How it works - The Greek Island Hopper
Tour leaders depart Athens twice per week on Saturdays and Wednesdays. Following the Greek Island Hopper itinerary, you spend 2 nights on each island with the same tour leader, or alternatively, you can wait until the next tour leader comes through giving you extra time to explore the island.

You are given ferry ticket vouchers that the tour leader will exchange for ferry tickets. Because your ferry ticket vouchers are open-dated, you are able to jump on the designated ferries whenever is convenient for you. This means you can spend that extra day on the beach! The choice is yours.

Some of the passes include a Link.

How the Links work
The Greek Island Hopper itinerary is accompanied by a tour leader, but the links are not. Your ferry ticket vouchers are exchanged for ferry tickets at the nominated travel agency on each island.

Other than that, a link works in the same way as the Greek Island Hopper pass, for example, you can stay on Samos as long as you like.

Some ferries run daily, some don't. Your pass is valid all season, but you can only do each ferry trip once.
Accommodation is arranged, but not included. Let us know when you will be arriving in Greece and we can book your accommodation at the place we stay.