Antalya - Kas - Antalya Cruise

Tour Code : CGU-AKA
Antalya - Gokliman Bay - Myra - Gokkaya - Kas - Simena - Olympos Bay - Phaselis - Kemer

Tour Itinerary

DAY 1)

Check-in, dinner and spending the night in marina of Antalya.

DAY 2)
Departure after breakfast. Lunch in the bay of Adrasan. Dinner in the bay of Gokliman, where you will also spend the night.

DAY 3)
In the bay of Kale (Demre) you have the chance to visit St. Nicolaus Church in Myra. There are also influencing rock-tombs that are worth visiting. Night will be spent in the bay of Gokkaya.

DAY 4)
You will be in the Idyllic little harbour village Kas, where you can take a walk and which is lovely by night. You can spend the night in the harbour or in the surroundings.

DAY 5)
Under the crystal clear waters of the Kekova bay you will see the ruins of the sunken city Simena. We will spend the night in the surroundings.

DAY 6)
In the hills surrounding the bay of Olympos you will see eternal burning fires like the mythology tells. However, this is not the fire of Greek Gods but just the methan deposits coming out of earth.

DAY 7)
Lunch in the bay of Phaselis, where Alexander the Great loved to spend the nights. Later, departure to the bay of Moonlight near Kemer. Dinner and last night in the marina of Antalya.

DAY 8)
After breakfast you will be transferred to the airport or the hotel of your own choice.

PS. The captain may make changes on the routes due to weather conditions.
Schedule: Every Monday and Saturday (Please ask for other day options)