In order to gain a thorough comprehension of the ancient Silk Road, you should travel the whole length of this journey from Beijing to Istanbul. However, we have divided the trip into three sections, thereby allowing those with limited time an opportunity to experience a portion of this significant route .







There are many ways to travel along the Silk Road. In ancient times traders and explorers covered the route by caravans of camels and horses, while today most people travel by plane, bus or train. The jeep safari, however, enables the intrepid traveller to directly experience the villages, towns and historic sites that mark this route. You will traverse the endless Gobi and Taklamakan Deserts, reaching the oasis towns and pilgrimage sites of Central Asia, crossing some stunning mountain scenery as you make your way along this journey.

This is a self-drive program. You will drive 4x4 vehicles provided by us, from Beijing or Istanbul. Each trip will include a lead driver as well as mechanics and a backup team. While this is a self-driving trip it may be possible to join as a passenger only, however please note that should we not have sufficient drivers in each vehicle a surcharge will apply. The average driving time per person is about 3-4 hours each day.

This journey can easily be completed by any traveller who is in normal health and capable of driving a standard gear-shift vehicle.

To make this a unique personal experience for each member, our group size is limited to a maximum of 30 people. Each group has an English-speaking guide for every 15 participants. Additional local guides may join the group at certain stops when necessary. Our group leaders and guides are thoroughly familiar with the local facilities, gas stations, maintenance centres and road conditions. When camping, we will supply all equipment and cooking facilities.

Each participant will be responsible for obtaining his/her own international driving license. If needed, a local driving license will be provided by us.

Our route has been thoroughly researched and carefully chosen. The journey follows the route indicated by the latest route map, but may be modified to accommodate changing road or environmental conditions. With the support and knowledge of our local teams, you can enjoy the challenges of driving through this historical route in safety.

This program is designed for those travelers who have a taste for discovery and adventure. Some of the remote historic areas along our path are somewhat challenging and unpredictable, but richly rewarding in their scenic and cultural splendour.